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Experience the new way of looking at modern offices.


"Flowscape saves time and makes office life easier"

Sören Sandell, CIO Vasakronan


Our quest for modern office flow


Flowscape releases the full potential of modern offices by reducing friction.

Today, friction makes employees less eager to work in open offices. We want to change this. Our main tool is our map, a digital replica of your open office. In real-time, and presented in a device of your choice.

You will quickly find that using the map makes working in open offices increasingly effective and at the same time much more entertaining.

Hover the cursor over the numbers to the right and get a sneak preview of the features.

The Space finder Find and book working space or conference rooms

The Colleague finder Find and contact fellow co-workers

The Equipment finder Locate vital office equipment

The House keeper How to report and visualize failing equipment

Room Panel On site booking of meeting rooms

Flow manager The statistical dashboard to enhance flow


Are you moving into an activity based office? Are you experiencing the open office friction and feel there must be another way to deal with it? Or are you simply a curious person who would like to meet the future way of looking at modern offices?
Do contact us and let us take you on a field trip into the next generation modern offices.

Our clients


“When establishing our new head office we selected Flowscape. They have the high innovation level we always strive for”.

System Key Features

The system comes alive thanks to our advanced indoor positioning technology. It supports our customers by minimizing the time and effort that comes with trying to find colleagues, equipment or a place to sit and by enhancing collaboration. Look into the different ways to equip the core of our system: the map.


We embrace the idea of the open office. At the same time we have a strong aversion against the friction caused by not optimizing the working place.

Flowscape was founded in 2011 to minimize friction through the use of advanced technology, and thereby make employees around the world love working in open offices.