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Vasakronan, the largest property company in Sweden, formed its partnership with Flowscape in the beginning of 2013. They started off with the head office and are now installing Flowscape in two more offices, in Göteborg and Malmö.

Meet CIO Sören Sandell, the person responsible for implementing Flowscape in Vasakronan.

”Vasakronan is famous for supporting clever new ideas in office solutions for our customers. When we wanted to rethink our own HQ in Stockholm, we set out to find a supplier that could modernize the working environment by adding features that responded to some of the challenges of the open office – especially in activity-based offices such as ours. For example, we wanted to enhance collaboration and for colleagues to easier find each other, as well as gain valuable statistics from the usage of the premises.

In Flowscape we found a partner that took those challenges seriously. They are professional, responsive and have a well-developed management thinking. It is company that have experienced the bigger picture when it comes to open offices, while other companies we looked into were far off.

“The technical level of the products is outstanding and I especially like the way everything is automated and simplified. Flowscape is pretty awesome to use. To see where everybody is in real time creates a link between the employees, while you at the same time feel the pulse of the company. There is a tremendous potential for collaboration in this.”


And the employees like it. They appreciate finding colleagues or a meeting rooms within seconds, and they enjoy the wide perspective that the Flow Map gives. Through providing services like these to our staff, I think we become a more attractive employer.

The bottom line is, with Flowscape we save time and make everyday office life easier. Therefore, when our own customers ask us how to improve their offices, I often recommend Flowscape. That is one way for us to help them become a little more successful in their everyday life.”