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You meet the Flowscape system through a number of devices. Click on them to read more.


Click below to see different system key features.


Our Billboard is the Flowmap in extra-large size. Placed in the reception area or outside of the elevators it gives gathering co-workers an easy overview of the workplace. The left side bar shows quick statistics about availability and the right side exposes a list of all bookable spaces and a calendar.


You instantly find out where free desks are located, who is sitting where and where your colleagues are. A clever two finger grip zooms the screen. If your company has multiple floors or buildings it´s easy to click between them and watch the details.


  • Easy overview
  • Availability statistics
  • Two finger zoom
  • Quick booking of rooms
  • Supports multiple floors and buildings
  • Company design and logo


Carry the office with you inside your pocket.​ With the Smartphone app all the info from the Flowmap is accessible where ever you are. On the train, subway or bus when coming to work, to find out where colleagues are sitting or book a room for that first morning meeting. From home to plan the week. Or when on the go in the office. Direct login makes starting the app instant and quick to use. With the app you can decide whether you want to be seen or made invisible and your calender bookings are showed as well as relevant links and several other features.


This is the hybrid between the smartphone app and the billboard. With the desktop software you simply login with your personal windows account and access the Flowmap making it possible for it to run in the background. Instantly you have the overview of the office and can see colleagues move around, available meeting rooms and the different zones of the office. You make bookings with yourself as organizer and get access to all the necessary information.

Outlook Plugin

This is a plugin seamlessly integrated with Outlook with all the features that makes room booking much quicker and easier. All the relevant info about the size and equipment of your company´s meeting rooms are showed when browsing through the list. The system matches your needs with the optimal room. Just tap time, number of guests and preferred equipment. The suggestion also takes into consideration where all guests are located and automatically presents the closest available room, even with guests from different offices​. The system comes with an intelligent solution for recurrent meetings. The plugin chooses according to availability throughout the period, and shifts room if there is a clash with other bookings.


  • Seamlessly integrated with outlook​
  • Chooses the optimal room according to your needs​
  • The closest available room for all guests is automatically chosen even with guests from different offices​
  • Intelligent system for recurrent meetings

Room Panel

Our room panel is hardware with feelings. The backlit Room Panel has an interactive high-resolution touchscreen making it easy to book a conference room on-site. In addition, it is accompanied by an illuminated frame changing between red and green to illustrate availability. Place the panel outside each meeting room and you can spot if the room is free from a distance!


Since the devil is in the details we have created one of the thinnest panels on the market. We know that for our customers, consistency is king, which is why you can customize the interface layout with your own company logo and colours.


  • Book, end and extend meetings with one click​
  • Instant meeting feature​
  • Illuminated frame visible from a distance
  • Frame available in three colours and in landscape or portrait mode
  • Interface layout with your company logo and colours
  • Connected to the Flowscape system or stand alone
  • Web tool to administrate all room panels