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Digital communication made easy, swift
and safe.

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Experience the new way of looking at modern offices.

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Digital communication made easy, swift
and safe.

Read about C-One here

"Flowscape saves time and makes office life easier"

Sören Sandell, CIO Vasakronan


Digital communication made easy, swift
and safe.

Read about C-One here

Our quest for modern office flow


Flowscape releases the full potential of modern offices by reducing friction.

A company with 1 000 employees spends 60 000 hours a year looking for meeting rooms. This is the equivalent of 30 full time jobs and just one example of friction at offices today. Office friction is an astronomic hidden cost leakage and moreover, it makes employees less eager to work at modern offices.

We´re determined to change this. Our IoT-based tool is the Flowmap, a digital replica of your office, combined with state of the art positioning. You will quickly find that the Flowmap makes the office smarter and work increasingly effective, not to mention more entertaining.

Room finder Find and book meeting rooms or a phone booth

Desk finder Find and book your workspace for the day

Colleague finder Find and contact fellow co-workers

Equipment finder Locate vital office equipment

Housekeeper How to report and visualize failing equipment

Flowmanager The statistical dashboard to enhance flow

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Digital communication
made easy, swift and safe

A messaging app, a central communication dashboard and a role-based user framework. C-One connects everybody in your environment in one secure collaborative network under your supervision.

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Are you experiencing office friction and feel that there must be a smart way to deal with it? Are you moving into an activity-based office? Do you worry about how secure the company communication really is? Or are you simply a curious person who would like to meet the future of modern offices and communication?

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"Flowscape saves time and makes office life easier" - Sören Sandell, CIO Vasakronan. See the case here!

Our clients


“When establishing our new head office we selected Flowscape. They have the high innovation level we always strive for”.


Flowscape Technology is the happy marriage between the companies Flowscape and Crowdsoft technology. We serve more than 100 clients in 11 countries and are listed on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm.

We embrace the idea of the modern office. At the same time we have a strong aversion against the friction caused by not optimizing the working place. Flowscape was founded in 2011 to minimize friction and maximize the workplace experience through the use of advanced technology, and thereby make employees around the world love working in modern offices.

We also believe that the digital communication between colleagues and with other parties is of the greatest importance. Today we find it either a security risk or very complex. We prefer communication that is swift, safe and made easy. Crowdsoft started out with this vision when the product C-One was conceived 2013 and the belief has grown stronger throughout the years.