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Designing an activity-based working environment is only half of the journey towards an effective, dynamic and exciting workplace. Creating the environment for staff and visitors to enjoy and to benefit the most from it requires additional tools to enhance the user experience.

Our intelligent positioning technology, will give you a better perspective of your workplace. At one glance you will instantly see yourself, colleagues, meeting rooms and printers straight on a Flowmap resembling your office – this to reduce time wasting and tear down barriers for interaction and productivity among colleagues.

The Flowmap can be viewed from a wide range of devices: smart phones, PCs, large billboard screens, room panels, Outlook add-ins and any other device with a web browser.

Click below to see different system key features.

Space finder

Finding and booking space that suits your current needs

With a peek at the app or any other device, you get information that enables you to find and book the space that suits your current needs. Regardless if it is a soundproof single booth, a conference room for six people or an available working desk in an area of your choice.


The system both checks availability in your room booking system and detects if any persons are present in the room. If a space is booked but nobody checks in, the system automatically cancels the booking and make the room available again.


An especially interesting feature is the panic button. With just one click, you will find the closest available room. This function works beautifully when a visitor shows up unannounced or if you need a spontaneous brainstorming with a colleague. Or imaging if your biggest client is waiting in the reception and you realize that you had forgotten to book a room.


  • Instant overview of the entire work place
  • Wayfinder including distance to a selected destination
  • Panic button for last minute conference room bookings
  • Unused rooms are made available if a check-in is not completed
  • Technical specification about each desk, area or meeting room

Colleague finder

Finding and contacting fellow co-workers

Colleague finder enhances collaboration and decreases the time we spend racing around looking for each other. With it our Flowmap truly comes alive and you will literally feel the pulse in the office seeing co-workers move around in real time.


Flowmap gives you a complete overview of the office with status of colleagues and where they are. If you are unable to move over to a colleague you can send an instant message, e-mail or make a call, with one click on your smartphone. The system is designed to be integrated with your current communication system, e.g. Lync, Sametime or Google Talk.


Personal integrity has the highest priority though. Everybody can at any time use invisible mode, if they choose. Moreover, all data is saved anonymized and encrypted and reports can only be generated on aggregated level.


Key features:

  • Find out if colleagues are occupied
  • Instant message and quick call-button
  • Quick overview of project group members
  • Integrated with Lync, Sametime and Google Talk
  • Invisible mode always accessible

Equipment finder

Locating vital office equipment

Equipment finder visualizes the location and status of important office equipment. Use it together with the built-in wayfinder to make everybody find their way in your office. This is especially appreciated for newly hired staff or visitors from other branches.


Equipment finder contains a sophisticated search mode. With this feature you can for example find a lost portable projector or the office’s only A3-printer. And when it´s found, you can book it with a few clicks!


Equipment finder also generates data about the usage of your equipment, which is helpful for future investment decisions. For the very first time you can actually calculate the true cost per use and per time unit, giving both users and management valuable feedback.



  • All vital office equipment visualised in the map
  • Equipment clickable to find detailed information
  • Search mode for specific properties
  • Book equipment directly from any device
  • Great for people new to the office
  • Generates usage metrics for follow up


Reporting and visualizing information about failing equipment

In modern offices many people share the same equipment. But the information of broken equipment is usually not distributed adequately among colleagues. This creates unnecessary irritation and stress.


Our Housekeeper takes care of this. Whoever discovers failing equipment, such as broken projector lamp or a printer with paper jam, can report it with just a click and add a explaining text of what is wrong. Straight away, an icon for non-functioning equipment pops up on the Flowmap for both the responsible caretaker and your colleagues to see. The icon also displays an estimated correction time to inform everyone when the problem has been fixed.



  • Visualizing failing equipment and failure report
  • Simplified failure reporting
  • Failure reports are traceable in the system and managed by the responsible person
  • Estimated correction time is viewable for everybody
  • Helps improving the failure correction process


The statistical dashboard

In Flowmanager, data from the different products of the system is harvested and analyzed. Flowmanager collects data about the flow of people and the usage of rooms and desks. This data has resulted in new ways of looking at how cooperation works in large organizations. This is actually the first ever tool on the market that will help you optimize interaction by analyzing movements in your office.


Flowscape believes in making the difficult easy to grasp, which is why we designed ways of illustrating the findings in Flowmanager accordingly. Take for example the heat maps: by using colors it illustrates to what extent different parts of the office are being used. Red for heavily trafficked and green for calm. And with just a click in the user friendly interface you update all the graphs in real-time.


Key features:

  • Heat map showing how your office is used
  • Several matrices showing interaction in the organization
  • Follow up your change to activity based seating through e.g. a desk change graph
  • Booked and real utilization statistics for both rooms and desks
  • Real-time data just a click away

Room Panel

On-site booking of conference rooms

Our Room Panels are hardware with feelings. The backlit Room Panel has an interactive high-resolution touchscreen making it easy to book a conference room on-site or through the app. In addition, it is accompanied by an illuminated frame changing between red and green to illustrate availability. Place the panel outside each meeting room and you can spot if the room is free from a distance!


Since the devil is in the details we have created one of the thinnest panels on the market. We know that for our customers consistency is king, which is why you can customize the interface layout with your own company logo and colors.   Room panels can be purchased separately. However, for customers buying the complete system, the panels are an integrated component, making bookings instantly viewable for everybody.



  • Quick booking interface
  • Illuminated frame visible from a distance
  • One of the thinnest panels on the market
  • Interface layout with your own company logo and colors
  • Frame available in three colors and in landscape or portrait mode
  • Standalone or connected to the complete system