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We embrace the idea of the modern office. We swear our allegiance to the notion of free movement, flowing communication and total accessibility that derives from working close together. But at the same time we condemn the friction caused by not optimizing the workplace.

We believe that spending time searching for space, colleagues and equipment creates unnecessary friction. We believe that unattended broken printers and coffee machines is a sure way to feel irritation. And we are sure that booking a conference room does the same. For all individuals.

This friction is translated into decreased productivity, hampered work relations and lower overall well-being. And as an end result, a vast number of hidden costs. This perception of ours is shared with a great deal of employees.

Flowscape was founded in 2011 by PhD Peter Reigo and Johan Hägerlöf, who previously had been working in big corporations. There they had discovered the flip side of working in a large open office. Combining their in-depth personal experience with technical expertise, they became determined to do something about it. The result was Flowscape – an innovative state of the art indoor positioning technology.

But frankly. We know that it is not about technology. It is not about impressive specs or advanced algorithms. It is about understanding that everybody wants to do a good job and not waste time. And that we all long for connection and collaboration. Flowscape exists to reduce time wasting and tear down barriers for interaction. To make employees around the world love working in modern offices. This is why we get up in the morning.

Do you wanna join the quest?


We are a ISO-certified company with regards to quality, information security and environment. Please read more about how this is important and valuable for our customers.